Saturday, 23 June 2012

My finger miss to tap..tap..tap..

Waaaahhhhh!!! Almost a month i did not update in my blog and shared the joyous i have recently! So many things I want to tell u my dear friends!  Here the list, ( poyo okeh wani!)

  1. Celebrate Father's Day
  2. New cousin of Adam Zafran
  3. Dating with hot mom and her sweet-cutie daughter
  4. MLM?
  5. One step ahead! ( My business actually!)
  6. Garage sale!
  7. Cameroon highland!
  8. How korean drama turns me into monster!
  9. Etccc....etc...
  10. Motivasi?

Hahahaa...banyak kan? Mampu kah? Gambatte Kudasai Wani-san!

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